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BrainSmart Mood

Natural Mood Enhancers of the Year 2014

Award Winning Natural Stress & Mood Support Formula

Helps Encourage Positive Mood & Emotional Well-Being*

*Results May Vary From Person To Person


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BrainSmart Mood Helps Support Your Emotional Well-Being | As Nature Intended

BrainSmart Mood

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Natural Support For Low Mood, Stress & Anxiety

Formulated to Encourage Positive Mood and Calm Minds*

*Results May Vary From Person to Person

Contains No Stimulants - Suitable For Adults & Children

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Reduce Depression Stress & Nervous TensionHelps Enhance Mood & Feelings of Well-Being*

Enhance Your MoodHelps Balance Stress & Nervous Tension*

Calms Minds & Aids SleepSerotonin Booster Formula Helps Encourage Calm Minds*

High Value Ingredients Contains High Value Natural Mood Enhancers : L-Tryptophan & 5-HTP

No Side EffectsTimed Release Serotonin Boosting Formula Delivers Safe & Effective Mood Support

BrainSmart Mood Contains No Artificial FlavoursBrainSmart Mood Contains No PreservativesBrainSmart Mood Contains No FillersBrainSmart Mood Contains No Gelatin BrainSmart Mood Contains No SugarBrainSmart Mood Contains No LactoseBrainSmart Mood Contains No Animal ProductsBrainSmart Mood Is Not Tested On Animals

BrainSmart Mood natural mood support supplements are trusted, safe and effective. These amino acid-based mood enhancers have been formulated under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions to swiftly help encourage positive mood, balance serotonin levels. The BrainSmart Mood natural mood support formula works as a fast-acting serotonin booster that naturally helps deliver a positive and calm mental state while aiding peaceful sleep.

The mood enhancers in BrainSmart Mood are carefully balanced to encourage the enhanced neurotransmitter activity essential for positive mood and calm minds.  BrainSmart Mood contains the two most important neurotransmitter building blocks; L- Tryptophan and 5-HTP that work together in harmony to encourage the efficient production of serotonin in the brain. While co-factor Vitamin B6 strengthens the formula by helping the brain create GABA, a stress and anxiety calming neurotransmitter. 

BrainSmart Mood Improves MoodBrainSmart Mood Will Calm Your MindBrainSmart Mood Aids Peaceful Sleep

The Natural Science of BrainSmart Mood Support Supplements

Serotonin is the key neurotransmitter linked to mood, happiness and positivity. Increasing circulating levels of serotonin is the aim of the most commonly prescribed class of antidepressants.  BrainSmart Mood mood support supplements have been formulated to be the most effective serotonin boosting all natural mood enhancers on the market today.  GABA is an essential mood enhancing neurotransmitter.  It works by calming over-active minds, increasing alpha wave production, promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. 

By combining two of the most important and effective naturally occurring building blocks for serotonin creation; 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan, with the GABA converting catalyst Vitamin B6, BrainSmart Mood delivers the brain nutrients that help the body become a mood elevating engine. As a result, and as our customer feedback demonstrate, it is one of the most effective natural mood support supplements available today.

BrainSmart Mood Increases Serotonin

Added to the naturally relaxing effects of L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP and Vitamin B6 are a number of well researched anti-stress ingredients formulated to help deliver a state of peaceful calm.  Magnesium,  an essential mineral vital for mind and nervous system relaxation.  Vitamin D3 and B3 which are increasingly deficient in modern diets, have been shown in numerous studies to encourage positive mood.  Along with powerful but gentle mood enhancing herbs such as Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Jujube Extract

Ideal for when you are under stress, anxious, or exhausted, BrainSmart Mood natural mood boosters are formulated for use every day. When used in conjunction with BrainSmart Ultra,  all major mood-supporting neurotransmitters; Serotonin, Acetylcholine and GABA are delivered naturally and effectively to help assist your brain and body to achieve maximum mental and emotional stability.

BrainSmart Mood mood enhancers are 100% natural, will not ‘dull’ your emotions and make you feel drowsy, medicated or lifeless.  On the contrary regular users often say they often feel “better than well” as their mood improves and their mind calms. 

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our many thousands of satisfied customers and read their testimonials. Try it for yourself and let us know if BrainSmart Mood natural mood enhancers have changed the quality of your life.

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