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BrainSmart Ultra with Cognicetam+

Brain Supplements of the Year 2014

Award Winning Natural Brain Boosters

Improves Memory, Concentration and Mental Energy


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   BrainSmart Ultra with Cognicetam+ ™ 


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  Award Winning Brain Booster Supplements & Cognitive Enhancers

These Smart Drugs Are Like Natural Rocket Fuel For Your Brain 

 Proven to Naturally Boost Memory, Focus & Mental Energy 

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Boost Mental Energy Natural Brain Boosters Help Increase Your Mental Energy  

Improve Brain PerformanceBoost Your Brain Performance

Boost Concentration & FocusBoost Your Concentration and Focus

Improve Memory PerformanceBoost Your Memory Recall

gold-star.pngDual Function Smart Pill Formula : Delivers Neuroactive Micronutrients & Stimulates Brain Activity

gold-star.pngContains High Value Natural Brain Booster Smart Drugs : Coenzyme Q10 & Cordyceps Sinensis

Improve MemoryIncrease Focus & ConcentrationImprove CreativityImprove LearningIncrease Mental Energy

When we first created the BrainSmart Ultra ™ range of brain supplements and brain pills in 2006, our main aim was to deliver the most effective natural smart drugs for the brain available. We wanted to formulate a range of brain supplements that not only delivered on its promise to significantly increase an individual’s mental energy, concentration and memory performance but also one that contained, at its core, the perfect balance of neurological supporting ingredients.

Our current award winning natural brain booster pills contain Cordyceps-Sinensis Extract as well as the complete balance of brain boosting nutrients that work perfectly together to help your body elevate essential acetylcholine levels while increasing the neurological components (neurotransmitters) needed to help you stay alert ,focused, mentally driven and calm.  

The BrainSmart Ultra ™ brain supplement formula assists your central nervous system in delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and the combination of brain supporting antioxidants, delivered through our proprietary Cognicetam+ ™ formula, helps your nervous system function better by clearing away mental fog and brain damaging free radicals.

By blending proven natural cognitive enhancers and naturally occuring smart drugs like Cordyceps-Sinensis Extract, Coenzyme Q10 ,Chlorella (from Green Algae) and Omega-3 Extract to maximize acetylcholine levels with other essential brain supporting vitamins and amino acids, our powerful and effective brain supplement assists in elevating serotonin and GABA levels, crucial components to remaining calm, alert, focused, and mentally driven while under pressure or stress. 

Gelatine FreeGluten FreeLactose FreeNeutral PackagingGMO Free

Naturally Delivers Increased Mental Energy , Concentration & Memory Performance 

The results of taking BrainSmart Ultra  brain booster supplements, as experienced by many of our satisfied customers, is an extraordinary combination of mental energy, concentration, memory improvement, and mental prowess.

Since our award winning BrainSmart Ultra ™ smart pills contain only natural brain booster amino acids that have either been proven to work over centuries of use or are recent and leading edge, it delivers enhanced cognitive function while improving mental clarity , eliminating brain fog and enhancing overall brain health for the long term.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our many thousands of satisfied customers and read their testimonials. Try it for yourself and let us know how BrainSmart Ultra  cognitive enhancers have super-charged your brain.

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