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Below are commonly asked questions about BrainSmart products. If you still have questions after reading this section of our site, feel free to contact us

  • Q1 EFFECTIVE: Do the BrainSmart formulas really work?


    For example, just 1 of the 15 active components of BrainSmart ULTRA™; Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR), has been demonstrated to increase short-term memory and reaction speed by over 35%.

    BrainSmart ULTRA™ and its core proprietary formula, Cognicetam+™, is the product of years of research and testing, and is the strongest and most rapid-acting cognitive performance aid available today.

    All BrainSmart supplements have won awards for effectiveness and the audited statistics below speak for themselves:

    • We have sold over 850.000 bottles of BrainSmart Ultra since 2001 with a return rate of 0.07%
    • We have sold over 450,000 bottles of BrainSmart Mood since 2003 with a return rate of 0.07%
    • We have sold over 500,000 bottles of BrainSmart Memory since 2004 with a return rate of 0.04%
    • We have sold over 220,000 bottles of BrainSmart Focus since 2009 with a return rate of 0.06%
  • Q2 SAFE: Are all BrainSmart brain supplement formulas safe?


    For example, all the natural active amino acid based compounds specially prepared in the exclusive Cognicetam+™ brain supplements complex have been cited in over 4,050 scientific studies.

    All our brain supplements are maunufactured to GMP standards and our production facilities are quality checked by GMP inspectors every 3 months .If, for any reason, oue brain supplements  do not meet pharmaceutical standards, they do not leave our facility.

    All our brain supplements are time release and are tested for disintegration and dissolution. Disintegration is the physical breakdown of the nutrient. The goal is to breakdown the nutrient in 30 minutes or less after swallowing. Dissolution occurs after the disintegration process when the nutrient goes into solution and then becomes available to your body. The goal is to have a minimum of 75% of the active ingredient absorbed into your body’s system within 45 minutes.

    All full-time staff of BrainSmart use the various BrainSmart™ formulas for increased work productivity and time efficiency. No  side effects have been reported, by our many thousands of customers and our staff, in the 8 years since our original brain supplement formulas. All BrainSmart™ natural  brain supplements contain no ephedrine, ephedra (ma huang), yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulant compounds.

  • Q3 SPEED: How quickly do BrainSmart brain supplement formulas take effect?

    All BrainSmart™ brain supplements are now time release, formulated to be the fastest and longest acting brain boosters available in the market today. Unlike other brain supplements, you do not need to take BrainSmart™ for months before noticing the benefits to your brain health.

    * Everyone is different but the majority of our customers report noticeable improvements to their cognitive performance after taking BrainSmart brain supplements regularly from a few days to a few weeks .

  • Q4 HOW: How do BrainSmart brain nutrition supplements work?

    All BrainSmart™ brain nutrition supplements are formulated to increase essential brain stimulating neurotransmitter activity while simultaneously increasing oxygen delivery and uptake across the blood brain barrier.

    This dual action natural amino acid based ‘brain boost’ action common to all our brain nutrition formulas has been shown to improve overall brain performance , particularly the brain areas that control memory, concentration, alertness, mental energy and mood

  • Q5 FORM: In what form do BrainSmart brain nutrition supplements come? (Liquid, capsule, powder etc)?

    Each bottle of our advanced brain nutrition supplements contains 60 vegetarian capsules which represents a one month supply for our typical customer.

    Due to customer feedback we are now in the process of producing both a capsule and a chewable form of all our brain health supplements . Thank you all who requested this formula development and please keep your comments coming in our Facebook Page and our Twitter Feed .

  • Q6 DURATION: How long do the effects of the BrainSmart formulas last?

    *All BrainSmart™ products are formulated to quickly increase the speed of neural transmission and information processing (storage and retrieval), with a prolonged single dosage effect of 2-8 hours.

  • Q7 CESSATION: What happens when I stop taking any of the BrainSmart products?

    All BrainSmart™ products are formulated for optimum short-term and long-term effects.

    Long-term, adaptive responses parallel with consistent usage have been reported to provide our customers with improved cognitive function for up to one month following cessation of use. Users will return to their prior lower level of neural performance after abstaining from use of any of the BrainSmart™ formulas for one month.

  • Q8 DOSAGE: How often/long do I take any of the BrainSmart products?

    Most of our customers take BrainSmart™ seven days per week, utilising 1 dose of 800mg in the form of 2 capsules per day.

  • Q9 NON-ADDICTIVE: Are any of the BrainSmart products addictive?

    All BrainSmart™ products are non-addictive.

  • Q10 INGREDIENTS: What are the ingredients of BrainSmart ULTRA?

    BrainSmart ULTRA™ is the best available combination of safety and efficacy. Just one of the 16 active components, Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) has been demonstrated to increase short-term memory and reaction speed over 35%.

    BrainSmartULTRA™ consists of a select group of compounds proven safe in the food supply over a 10-year period, and does not contain any ephedrine, ephedra, ma huang, yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulants.

    Top research and over 20 years of manufacturing experience have combined for the first time to create the most effective and science-driven neural accelerator in existence.

  • Q11 VEGETARIAN and KOSHER: Are the BrainSmart products Vegetarian and/or Kosher?


    All the contents of all BrainSmart™ products are non-animal in origin, our current capsules are V-Caps ( suitable for vegetarians & vegans and kosher) 

  • Q12 CHILDREN: Can children use any of the BrainSmart products?


    If you are reviewing this product for potential use by a child, we advise that you first test the product yourself to gauge personal response, and then speak with a physician about potential applications for your child. This is a common approach used by many of our clients.

    If you are examining this product for use with a high school-level or older, the product may be used if the individual is able to follow product directions properly.

    As a general policy, we do not recommend this product for children or pre-adolescents under the age of 18. This is not due to any particular health risk, but because we prefer to minimize the likelihood of parental overuses, which is all too common, particularly with younger children.We would take the same precaution if our product were Vitamin C.

  • Q14 SIDE-EFFECTS: Do any of the BrainSmart formulas have side-effects?


    All full-time staff at BrainSmart use the various BrainSmart products at the standard dosage for increased work productivity and time efficiency. No adverse side effects have been reported since their original formulations.

    BrainSmart ULTRA™ and BrainSmart FOCUS™ will increase alertness and should not be used immediately prior to sleep.

  • Q15 USES: How have the BrainSmart products been used by customers?

    The BrainSmart™ family of products , though designed specifically for the fast-acting improvement of neural cognitive function, exhibits significant secondary effects.

    Some of our customers who have purchased BrainSmart™ products report also using them for :

    · Reaction Speed Improvement Aid
    · Circulation Facilitator (oxygen delivery and uptake)
    · Hang-Over Prevention Aid

  • Q16 STUDIES: Do you have any clinical studies to support the efficacy of all the BrainSmart formulas?


    The individual active compounds specially prepared in the proprietry Cognicetam+ ™ formula have been cited in over 4,050 scientific studies.

  • Q17 REPLACEMENT: Can I use any of the BrainSmart products as a cost-effective replacement for coffee and "energy drinks"?


    Many of our customers report having eliminated coffee and “energy drinks” from their diets by substituting with either BrainSmart ULTRA™ or BrainSmart FOCUS™. Coffee includes three sedative opiates and is often consumed with sugar and/or cream. Unlike so-called “energy drinks”, none of the BrainSmart™ formulas contain artificial food dyes, glucose, maltodextrin, or other inactive sugar additives that adversely affect blood sugar levels and cause post-ingestion fatigue.

    Both BrainSmart ULTRA™ and BrainSmart FOCUS™ are a safe and cost-effective replacement for generally-available stimulant products, both providing superior neural performance effects and essential cerebro-active components. BrainSmart ULTRA™ enables sustained stimulant effects without the typically associated side-effects.

    BrainSmart ULTRA™ and BrainSmart FOCUS™ should not be consumed within 3 hours of caffeine-containing products but may be consumed on the same day as coffee, tea, or other such products.


We want to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has offered to share their stories of success with others! We wish everyone that visits this site our best in your efforts to be the best you can be.

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